Monday, April 11, 2011

Second Full Week of Retirement

My newest Happy Birthday postcard. I have a matching stamp available too.

Well I'm now into my second full week being retired.  It feels like it has been so much longer.  I’ve been very busy with all my internet activities.  I’ve been updating my Squidoo lens, working on more Zazzle products, working on my webpage and adding Twitter and Facebook links to everything.

I’ve had to become more knowledgeable about using HTML code.  It has been about two decades since I took my FORTRAN class through MSOE and even if I could remember how that was done, it isn’t the same.  What I do remember are some of the basic concepts about programming.  Some of those I learned when I had my Commodore 64.  I use to type in programs for it from RUN magazine.  Once I had them typed in I would have to debug them, because no matter how careful I was at typing it in, there were always mistakes in the code.  I find it amazing just how helpful all the thing I learned from working with my Commodore 64 are.  For such an early, inexpensive, and limited computer it has such lasting usefulness in what I am doing now.

A big literary event happened for me last week.  The sixth book in the “Earth’s Children” series by Jean M Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear), “The Land of Pained Caves” was released on March 31, 2011.  I now have the audio version that I got from the library.  I had been checking the fan website about when the sixth book was supposed to come out for years.  I checked it recently enough that I found out about the release date in time to be the second one on the waiting list at the library for the book on CD.  My oldest sister Erin was all excited about it when I told her about the release.  She is the one who started reading the series first.  It has been about 30 years from the first release of “Clan of the Cave Bear”.  Originally there were only suppose to be a total of six books in the series, but there is some talk about there will be one more because there was too much material to put it in just one more book.  I haven’t finished lessening to it yet, there are 29 CDs, but so far I have found that it is very much like “The Shelters of Stone”.  The reviews have not been very good for the book, but when you’ve already read all the others and waited so long for it to come out, it’s not like I wasn’t going to listen to this one too.

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